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Oct 15, 2013

wajah baru......

Assalamualaikum wbt

yeayyy blog da berwajah baru..credit to my lil sis sbb tlg bgi idea utk edit...da lama giler x edit blog...blog pun da mcm bebudak kecik punya je...mmg patut tukar nie..huhu

now, aku da pun habis exam & i'm waiting for my result right now..aahhhh so scared ! hopefully i will pass in every subject esp Eng that is harder to pass than other subject..and pray for me guys to get a better pointer this time..so i'll go to main campus (Gombak) this time..ok end of this month i'll come to cfs again to take MUET exam that even scaring me more ! huhu...

hmm now its have been a days we start a holiday..i miss my friends and my lovely roommates already..my roomates that are really crazy and psycho...they like to troll people..when 1 person start to "bahan orang" yg lain mesti follow lps tu..smpai nk gaduh da pun ada..but end up being even more closed..really love them...dlm bilik tu dipelopori bdk HS mane taknye..kesian bdk course lain yg ada dlm bilik tu..ingat lagi waktu memula dorg kena psycho dgn ktorg..giler lawak..smpai mati-matian dorg taknak percaya ktorg daa..but lastly dorg pun jadi kaki psycho same..hahaa...ktorg ada 9 org = 5 bdk HS, 1 bdk Engine, 1 bdk Arcomm and 2 bdk Laws....paling kesian bdk Engine ngn Arcomm laa asyik kne tipu dgn psycho ngn ktorg..bahahaaa....maaf kengkawan semua lps nie xde daa org nk troll and psycho korg lagi..tapi xjanji laa klau kte jumpa balik even time reunion skali pun..mungkin time tu troll n psycho ktorg makin mengganas..hahaa

btw, i want to apologize to all my cfs's friends especially my roommates if i've done anything wrong to u guys...manusia tu x sempurna..jadi kemungkinan besar utk melakukan kesilapan tu ada...

I hope we can meet again even we are busy..dont forget me...if we run each other anywhere, dont ignore me ok..i wish u guys success in your study and life and also in everything that u do..pray for me too..love u guys

this is the video with my roomates..enjoys...

#akutahugrammarakuberterabur #pedulipulak hahhaa

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