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Sep 29, 2012

Assalamualaikum wbt..
woww have been sooo long im not post anything ! this page was abandoned by me !! heheee

act rase mmg nak update sumthing tpi rse mcm mls plak ! hah nie da bukak nie mmg berjeler laa post kali nie ! hehe

oppss forget to tell that im currently continued my study at CFS IIUM PJ ! i take HS Course..wanna know what HS is ? hmm next time i'll tell u..

ok for the half of this year, so many thing happen in my life...the happy thing, sad thing, funny thing, the very stressful thing also happen in my life ! but dont mind about it..just let it be what it want to be..huhu

ok i've made a lot of friends at CFS ! they're awesome ok !..but still im gonna miss all my beloved friends at school ! RAHIL MEKAR NADIAH SYAFA NASUHA TINI FATIN FARHANIS MUN NAJIHATUL LEELY BAHIJ and others laahh (boys ! do i need to mention u guys ? hehe) but guys trust me ! if i not mention u guys doesnt mean that i forget u ok ! *chill*

ok i'll introduce all my friends at CFS ok ! here they're ---> kodi, putri, midah, basyirah, anis, zihah, nik, izah, hani, sheril, amani, and all my classmate ! no need to mention all of them ! hehe

hmm ohh im using english now ??!! O_o hmm bcause at CFS we need to used english as the main language ok ! so i need to practise a lot before going to main camp at Gombak.. have a lot of foreign student there ! so speaking ! hehe *im sorry if i made alot of mistake*

about CFS ? next time will story ! hahaa *sume next time ! ntah bila ntah tu ! haha*

kyaaaa.. i update this just want to tell u that i still alive ok ! not died yet ! hahaaa

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